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Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Gift to all my friends Wherever you are

Gift to all my friends Wherever you are, Make my friends are everywhere, I hope all of you living in a state of fine, and nothing short of abundant sustenance, and no shortage of attention and affection, and I hope you all also no shortage of friends who always give support to all of you. And so life continues to spin from the past and present and the future of all this is a law of nature that we can not change.

This is important when we have to do is make changes in our thinking about the world view of this, and not again do anything that harms others, or acts that would harm fellow human beings including animals. Because the name acts that harm or negative will turn to us each. 

All that should make us more aware and concerned with our neighbors and not make our hearts more and more hollow, stiff and hard, and unfeeling in our neighbor. Who wants to be hurt? Who wants to hit? Who wants in contempt? Who cold is lowered? Who wants to be ridiculed because of his stupidity? No. So once again I say that we are all one family, all of us who live on planet earth is one family, and no more fighting, and never again deceive, and no more hurt and harm others. I believe God is always looking over our eyes filled with love, like a single mother who saw the baby. 

Tell your other friends, that they should not panic, do not feel nervous about the state of this life, enough for us if we just do the right thing in accordance with the truth to survive and earn money from work that does not harm others. Do what is good, according to your abilities and do not harm others breathing. And at one time it will get the best results. Including your business, your family and your friends, everything will be in fine condition.May we all always in a state of peace and prosperity.

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