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Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Being Arrogant or Being Friendly ?

Being arrogant or being friendly? - This world does not seem like I want, this world should be more advanced. A cleaner, healthier and more beautiful. Children playing happily with her friend. And wife to love and care for the husband. And her husband also works well as protect and maintain the premises either family.

All of us can respect and appreciate others. By being friendly and being concerned with our environment by not throwing garbage at arbitrary places. This means you care about this earth, the earth that feeds billions of people and billions of countless animals.

If we all do not care about this earth, then we will not bequeath our children and grandchildren at the happiness on this earth. All that is in us only God is entrusted to the children and grandchildren to come. And remember God does not want men to feel pain. Therefore, try to be friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Being cocky just cause increased suffering for oneself and others. If you are the most handsome but arrogant in others it was only brought hardship and suffering for others. But if you are a proud beautiful women you will also be overlooked by others.

Why do many people can not get married at the time was easy? That's because the male and female partners indifferent copy, and this will make our parents feel sad. Remember! Being arrogant or friendly it is your choice each, up to you, my suggestion that many people be smiling and friendly to anyone. 
smile always on someone else, this way you will give happiness to others.


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